What is this about then?

Well, during a recent interview I decided that is probably worth starting up a blog or a newsletter of some kind. So this is the attempt at it.

The goal here will be two-fold.

  1. Get better at writing for the web
  2. Dump my knowledge of things I learn regularly for sharing purposes


The content here will vary. I think this will first and foremost be a dumping ground of resources for people wanting to learn Data Science, Programming etc. However I’ll also post opinion pieces which will vary in topic, tone and style. I will also see if I can keep up daily pieces in the style of ‘Article of the Day’ (with maybe some links to what I’m listening to on Spotify)

Eventually I’ll port my resume into here as well and flesh out the about me section.

Next steps

Well the next few posts will be quite dense in information. I will attempt to add as much information as I can in there to my recommended learning resources for various topics.

I will eventually move this into a learning resource section of its own.