This is a showcase of a bit of software I’ve been writing. I am a newbie drummer and wanted to spice up some practice with a light show so this links the lights in my room (Philips HUE bulbs) with my drumkit.

I haven’t opened the repository for the codebase yet. But if there is demand I will tidy it up and put it on github.


A few things to note

I only show you 2 ‘modes’ that I’ve implemented:

  1. Change color - Reactive to your hits-per-minute (HPM):
    • orange when idle,
    • 200+ HPM and you get blue
    • 600+ HPM and you get red
    • NOTE: these are sampled every 0.7 seconds and your HPM is estimated from that.
  2. Blink - Reactive to a certain drum being hit:
    • In the second shorter clip, the lights blink every time I hit the left cymbal

There is another mode called variety which changes the lights the more different drums you hit per second. And actually I have Ideas for more of them.

So what now?

Where is this going then? Well if there is interest I need more people to try the APP and test it on other drumkits. I also need feature requests and ideas as well as contributors to the code (written in Rust).

Anyway, Peace out!