Today I’ll focus on python.

As I am sure you will know that python is a general purpose programming language which is a commonly used tool to build data science pipelines, models etc.

The following will be a few resources to watch and read that I believe to be worth your time. And below that you’ll a personality spotlight with a few good names in the python community that I would like to highlight.

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Take a look

Python 3.8

I was about to write a summary of changes coming in Python 3.8, however RealPython did it for me! The first official revision of 3.8 came out on October 14th 2019.

Click here and get familiar with what the near future hold!

“I want to watch!”

“I want to read!”

  • Effective Python Environment - This is absolutely amazing. I think often times setting up python in a way that: a. works for you, b. works for other people when you give them their code and c. minimizes the number of issues arising from installing several versions of python. Long story short. I wish I had this when I started, might have avoided this:

    python environment management is a faff

  • How to Round Numbers in Python - Rounding Up/Down/Half Up/Half Down/Half Away From Zero/Half To Even . . . if you don’t know what I’m on about and you do things like stats at work using python, it might be worth looking at this page to avoid surprises.

  • Primer on Python Decorators - Decorators! I use them and hopefull after reading this article you’ll use them to!

  • Sphinx Tutorial - If you’ve ever dabbled in making a python package, everyone will talk about the importance of documentation. Well by documenting python code in a given way as you write it and by running sphinx on top of that you can create amazing looking documentation!

Personality Spotlight

This section covers a few key people that I enjoy following / watching. Usually I’ll keep this to a minimum, but as this is the first post I’d like to give you a double whammy!

James Powell

James Powell is a great entertainer. He not only presents python in a whole new light, showing you things, tips and tricks that you might not expect, but also does it in a very entertaining way.

So you want to be a Python expert?

Why I like it?

This video inspired me to learn VI hotkeys and start using them in development. It made me more productive as a developer and in general it is just mesmerizing to watch him code live.

On the python side I would recommend this because it shows you several very interesting but underused concepts in python. However, how much you will get out of the (fairly long** video, will be up to you and how much time you’ve spent already in python.

Top to down, left to right

Why I like it?

A great talk about the behaviors of python that you might not expect. Very entertaining and I would highly recommend answering the questions he poses as he goes along and seeing how well you do.

Raymond Hettinger

He is one of the python core developers and a really engaging speaker and active member of the community. He is the only reason I made a Twitter account.

Mental Game of Python

Why I like it?

I am a sucker for novel ways to think about things I’ve been doing for a while. And this is a prime example of where this is the case.

Beyond PEP8 - Best practices for beautiful intelligible code

Why I like it?

I have spent a long time figuring out how I like my code to look. I think over a long period (nearly 4 years now) of working with python I’ve had many moments where I looked back at my old code and was shocked how ‘unpythonic’ it was.

I think this highlights 2 things, what to focus on when writing in python vs other languages you might know, but also talks about PEP8 which is the coding standard for python.

Thank you for your time!