Hey folks!

I recently got the urge to stream myself coding and programming. I am a keen learner and recently have been learning more and more Rust as a language for my hobbies and as an opportunity to develop.

Click here to see my twitch profile and read on for the content that is coming up in the near future.

Upcoming content

The short term project I will be working towards is creating an app that connects my midi drums to my hue lights! Ultimately I want to compile it to WebAssembly which is going to be quite fun!

I already started this and have basic interactivity with my lights now from Rust so if you tune in to the streams we’ll be working on:

  • wrapping up the interaction with the lights into a command line tool to share with others
  • figuring out the connectivity from the drums to the computer using the midi protocol
  • coming up with fun interactions we can do from the drumkit to the lights
  • wrapping all of this in both a command line tool and a web UI using WebAssembly

Optionally if people do sound interested we’ll do a session on going through the Rust Book so people can get up to speed on what the hell RustLang is and more or less what is happening on the stream.

Schedule (hopefully)

  • 17th Dec - 7:30 pm+
  • 18th Dec - 7:30 pm+
  • 20th Dec - 4:30 pm+
  • 21th Dec - 2:00 pm+


So if you’re keen to watch some good ol’ streaming and maybe even learn stuff, come and watch me stream !